Flexible and economical in every case

Kühner products meet the highest requirements in various industries and fields of application. With the careful selection of materials, we bring the individual requirements in terms of heat transfer, corrosion and temperature resistance, mechanical strength and cost optimally in line.

Kühner heat exchangers are manufactured exclusively from high-quality materials. The Kühner material matrix provides an initial overview of the best material combinations. Our Kühner contact persons will be pleased to assist you, on the way to your efficient solution.

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Steel / Aluminium

Kühner heat exchangers made of steel and aluminium combine the high strength and temperature resistance of steel tubes with the extremely good thermal conductivity of aluminium. This combination is ideally suited for use in dryers and furnaces with steam or thermal oil where high process temperatures prevail.

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Hot dip galvanised steel

Kühner heat exchangers out of steel are fully galvanised in a hot dip process, offering perfect corrosion protection all around. The high strength and temperature resistance of steel in combination with the full galvanising is the ideal solution from both a technical and economic perspective in cases where copper is insufficient and stainless steel isn't necessary.

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Stainless Steel

Kühner heat exchangers with stainless steel tubes are ideal when the liquid medium is corrosive, the system temperature is very high or in applications with special requirements for cleanability, e.g. in the food industry. The heat exchanger fins can be made from various materials and are selected according to the required thermal conductivity and durability.

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Kühner heat exchangers with copper tubes cover a very broad range of applications. This is due to the very high thermal conductivity of copper, and the fact that copper is particularly well suited for water up to 110°C and pressures up to 16 bar. The fins are primarily selected according to the required thermal conductivity, with aluminium being preferred over copper since it is the more economical material.

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Titanium / Special Materials

Kühner heat exchangers with tubes made from titanium or high-alloy stainless steel are able to meet very specialised requirements. In this case, it is necessary to define the technically and economically optimal application very precisely. Your personal Kühner contact will be happy to help.

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