According to customer requirements

We build reproductions of both Kühner and third-party products or develop completely new heat exchangers. The Kühner serial number, sample, drawings, technical data or individual dimensions form the basis. However, it is the in-depth consulting with the Kühner contact which ensures a technically and economically optimal solution in all cases.

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According to specifications

Heat exchangers are subjected to high thermal and mechanical loads, so that even high quality units must be replaced from time to time. Or the requirements have changed and the performance and/or operating range have to be changed. The replacement or reverse engineered units from Kühner are implemented with the same or adapted specifications.


According to a sample

If documentation with technical specifications is no longer available for a heat exchanger, then a sample can be used to determine whether a reverse engineered unit is technically and economically expedient and possible. In order for the new device to fully meet all current customer requirements, the Kühner contact helps to develop a clear specification of all required performance parameters in advance.



According to drawings / data

If a technical drawing and/or digital data are available for the heat exchanger for which a replacement unit is required, then we can implement the replacement unit on this basis. To ensure a solution which is perfect in all aspects, the Kühner contact will determine all additional requirements and performance parameters.